4 high tempo and strategic bits of sales advice for the closer

by anthony matthies - director of partnership and suite sales, kansas city chiefs
August 01, 2019

I am going to make this BLOG about you and not me. This is exactly how you should approach a client or prospect in every sales scenario, meeting and sales initiative. This my perspective. If you can get a small tidbit to help grow as a sales executive, and most importantly a sound individual, that is a success in my book.

I am going to keep this to a simple bullet point list that I challenge you to “fill in the blank” and create a discussion amongst your peers and myself in this group. We don’t have all the answers or the secret potion to sell premium seats and develop an incredible retention program. However, I will tell you I have done this in the NCAA, Music (Live Nation), NHL and NFL and have had success. I will share some of those secrets with you below and hopefully they help you succeed as well!

Sound good? Let’s ROLL!

#1 Understand your product and how it can create memories and ROI

The first thing you should do before talking to the corporate community about buying anything is study your inventory inside and out and have your game plan and approach down.

  • -Understand pricing and budget goal objectives- Not only for year 1 but look at the next 3-10-year window.

  • -Have pricing down and understand your where your floor and ceilings may be on negotiation.

  • -Find ways to create incentives and “wins” for the prospect as you go through the sales process.

  • -Articulate actual examples on how clients have created life long memories and use real examples in meetings and sales tours.

  • -Articulate ROI examples from other clients or develop smart real examples on how their business can benefit and “pay for itself.”

  • What else????

#2 Who am I selling to?

The next thing you should do before you approach the corporate community is understand your current client list, business climate and targets.

  • -CRM is a great starting tool and if it was used correctly it can help you navigate and identify your targets. However, please confirm those conversations in detail. Critical!

  • -Find prospects and targets that are already in your building and find a way to grow them. 50% of all upgrades are done because they were actually approached and given the opportunity.

  • -Understand the low hanging fruit... aka your vendors. They are already partners with the team and your leadership team has access to the high-level relationships there.

  • -Understand the categories that buy. It’s just as important to understand the categories that are not buying. Don’t waste time!

  • -Come to the table with energy! People can read your demeanor right through your voice on the phone or in-person. If you are not fired up, step away and come back fresh and excited.

  • -Golden Rule of Sales: Ask for the sale! Prospects do not commit until they are asked to commit and given a deadline. The shy go hungry!

  • What else????

#3 Internal and external relationships

As important as external relationships are in sales, your internal relationships are just as important. When your team and staff are structured correctly, they will be with you before, during and post close of business.

  • -Understand all departments and how they will affect your sales process in a positive or negative way. Know when to push and pull back internally to help your business and always do what’s best for the organization.

  • -Develop and maintain relationships with your clients and prospects. This may be the single most important thing you do as a sales executive, and if done correctly, sales and renewals will follow.

  • -Ask your clients to help you identify potential buyers. Most likely they want their circle of friends and colleagues around them and have them invested in the product as well. Plus, most of them have employees like you or were you at one point in their career, and it gives them personal satisfaction.

  • What else????

#4 Keep it simple, innovative, and new “Personally and Professionally”

If things get stale and you don’t personally innovate people, those people will start to go in a different direction or look at other opportunities or options.

  • -Don’t complicate the sale or product offering. Keep it fun, different, and innovative.

  • -Be visible at events and business gatherings in the community.

  • -Be humble but confident.

  • What else????


Anthony Matthies has been in the Sports and Entertainment industry for 15 plus years. Most of his career has been spent in premium seat sales, and he cut his teeth in Minor League Baseball for the Lancaster Jet Hawks as an intern in Lancaster, California. Currently, he is in his 10th season with the Kansas City Chiefs overseeing suites and premium seating initiatives for the club. He previously worked with Legends on the San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium Project as well as the Arizona Coyotes, Live Nation, and the Arizona State Sun Devils.