A Letter from Lou DePaoli and Travis Apple

by GEneral Sports Worldwide
March 09, 2022

As you read in the previous note from Bob Hamer, General Sports Worldwide has purchased theClubhouse® as part of our Executive Search and Team Consulting division. We are thrilled to be the proud owners of this wonderful community and appreciate Bob for his friendship and trust in us to lead theClubhouse® going forward. Bob’s vision, values, and approach are in sync with ours, and we look forward to consulting with him on growing and expanding theClubhouse®.

Mentorship and career development are key components of our leadership mantra that we implemented throughout our careers and are the backbone of our philosophy at General Sports Worldwide. theClubhouse® is going to be a catalyst in helping us share our developmental approach with our members and partners to have a broader impact across the sports and entertainment industry, and we are excited to have you as part of our team.

The current services provided by theClubhouse® will remain in place, and our goal is to enhance them while also adding some new services. While we have many ideas on how to expand theClubhouse®, we understand that the community is what drives the platform, and we want to ensure our members share their ideas that will contribute to the future success of theClubhouse®.

To that end, we will be reaching out in the next couple of weeks with a survey asking you for your feedback and ideas about theClubhouse®. We are open to all feedback and want to hear the good, the not as good, and ideas on how to improve.

Thank you for your belief in theClubhouse® and we look forward to earning your continued trust for many years to come.


Lou DePaolildepaoli@generalsports.com

Travis Apple - tapple@generalsports.com