by Lindsay Strauch - OneTeam Partners Manager, Sponsorship Activation and Athlete Marketing
June 07, 2022

I have worked in sports for 17 years and it has been a privilege to be surrounded by some of the best leaders in the industry. I wanted to share a few pieces of advice I have learned along the way that have fostered my growth and development throughout the years.

Always Look for a Solution

Never ask a question without providing a suggested solution. If you want to grow and develop you must take the extra steps to get there. It is very easy to ask a question and wait for a response. If you want to learn quickly and develop, take the time to propose an answer or a solution. It alleviates the time and energy your boss must take to respond but most importantly it shows that you are making the effort to find a solution. You may not always be right but looking for the answers on your own forces you to constantly think critically.

Take Advantage of the Knowledge Around You

Never take for granted the knowledge that surrounds you every day. Everyone excels differently and offers their own unique way of thinking. Take the opportunity to tap into others’ strengths around you. Watch how leaders and colleagues manage their time and energy, listen to how they handle conflict in a positive way, watch how they can stay calm in tense situations. I truly believe you can learn something from everyone at any level in their career.

Be Scared and Uncomfortable

With growth and development comes fear and nervousness. Embrace it. Being challenged every day forces you out of your comfort zone and the result can be very rewarding.

The Power of YOU

Most people I know have mentors, people they confide in and seek advice from often. While it is advantageous to lean on these relationships to improve your personal development, do not underestimate the power of YOU. Every day YOU have the ability to challenge yourself and think further. Over time you become the expert in your role and if you feel you have earned a growth opportunity prove it through your actions, not your words. Start finding solutions at the next level to show you are thinking strategically. Take every project you are given and take time to find ways to enhance it. Go above and beyond every day.

Leadership can be Lonely

If you want to grow, you must recognize the moments when you must separate yourself from the noise. While teamwork and collaboration are crucial for growth, differentiation is just as important. The hardest leadership role is when it is amongst your colleagues. This type of leadership ignites competition and at times resentment. It takes courage to stand alone.

I carry these reminders with me daily and there are many more. Happy to connect directly.