Get Back in the Groove After the Holidays!

January 02, 2023

Hope everyone had a successful 2022 and are enjoying the holiday season!  We appreciate everyone’s support of theClubhouse® and General Sports Worldwide as 2022 was a successful year for us, and we are looking forward to an even bigger year in 2023! 


At the end of every calendar year people start planning their “New Year Resolutions”, and if you are anything like me there are typically two or three resolutions that make it to the end of the year, but by about January 15th at least two that have already been stopped.  The key though is to have a plan and to be ready for the new year. 


With the sports industry being a year-round business, whether you are in season or not, it is vitally important for you to start the new year off strong after taking time for the holidays.  From experience, people that hit the ground running right after the New Year are generally more productive across the year than those who coast for a week or two after the holidays. 


To make 2023 the year you want it to be it’s not as easy waking up on January 2nd and saying, “Today is a new day and the start of a New Year, let’s go!”.   Below are a few tips for you to think about as you launch into a successful 2023:


·       Grow from Your Experiences

o   There may have been a stressful situation that occurred this past year; think about how you overcame it, and can you apply that to work?

·       Set an Alarm

o   If you have gone several days/weeks waking up whenever and having an unstructured day, get back into your routine.

·       Be Intentional

o   Don’t procrastinate, get right back into the swing of things first thing January 2nd

·       Make a To Do List prior to going back

o   Prioritize and focus on the goals and tasks at hand.

·       Small Tasks

o   Think about some easy wins and focus on knocking those out right away which will build confidence and momentum.

·       Be Strategic with Emails

o   You may have accumulated a few unread emails during the holidays.  Start by focusing on the most important ones by utilizing flagging and filtering by category/priority.

·       Mindset

o   This is key no matter what time of year.  Focus on having the right mindset and mentality and remember how exciting it is that you work in sport!


It is important to use these steps as a refresher as your start your new year off on the right foot.  Make sure you hold yourself accountable to each of these steps and you will be more productive throughout the year. 


2023 year is going to be another exciting year!  It’s time to ramp up your energy and effort, and keep pushing to be elite!!!