How to Deal with Burnout

by Christine Miller: Senior Account Manager, VIP Services at Los Angeles Kings
August 19, 2022

As a self-admitted workaholic, and someone who struggles with burnout, below is what I have learned about dealing with burnout in hopes of helping others dealing with the same issue. It is easy to get burned out working in the sports industry as the seasons are filled with sometimes week-long home stands (not sure how y’all do it, MLB), 12-hour days, nights, and weekends. We often get asked, “do you get the summer off?” Nope! Already planning for next season and growing our season ticket member base! At the end of the day, though, it is a dream for so many of us to work in the industry. So how do we deal with it? Here are a few words of advice:

· Find the source. Burnout can come from the demands of working in the industry, but sometimes it may be related to things in our personal life. Trying to understand what is ultimately making us feel overwhelmed is key to the initial approach on how to best attack. If it is from work responsibilities, are there projects we can delegate and get help from others on? If it is from something going on at home or in our personal lives, is that something that may benefit from therapy or a hybrid work-from-home schedule?

· Remind yourself that you are the one in control. Burnout can at times make you feel helpless. Simple things can make all the difference in regaining that control, whether it is getting enough sleep at night, physically getting away from your desk (even for a 15-minute walk outside – shoutout to my coworkers for helping me with this one!) or doing something that you love again. If you can “leave work at work” that alone can be a difference maker!

· Put yourself first. This one is easily the most difficult one for me. My profile is someone dedicated to helping and caring for others (hello working in service!). This often puts my needs on the back burner; however, what I have learned more than anything from this is “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” So, make sure you take care of yourself first and that will also benefit your coworkers and organization.

· Lastly, but most importantly, work for a company that supports you. One-third of our life is spent at work and that can make a huge impact on our quality of life. At the Kings, we have wellness hours twice a week where we are encouraged to take time on ourselves, away from the office. We also have access to our Ontario Reign gym downstairs, which is a huge perk, amongst many other things. It is also so important to lean on others. Be honest and upfront with your manager or close colleagues so they can not only understand how you might be feeling but offer support.