**Press Release - Sports Business Solutions launches theClubhouse**

by Bob Hamer - President & FOunder of Sports Business Solutions and Founder of the clubhouse
November 15, 2018

PHOENIX, AZ -- Sports Business Solutions and company president Bob Hamer are proud to announce the launch of their new virtual platform, theClubhouse.

The first of its kind, theClubhouse will be a website dedicated to both current and aspiring sports business professionals and will include: a mentorship network, a job board, a blog filled with industry best practices, career services, a live educational webinar series and more. The site will be housed within the Sports Business Solutions website environment and will be an exciting addition to the SBS portfolio.

Many of the services inside theClubhouse have been offered by other providers but theClubhouse is the first to bring them all together in one centralized location, with a focus on educating those interested in growing a career in sports and elevating the industry at large.

Bob Hamer, President & Founder of Sports Business Solutions and Founder of theClubhouse commented “What makes our industry special is that we’re all doing similar work. Networking, best practices, and idea sharing are what moves our industry forward and this platform is designed to help us all do that more effectively”.

theClubhouse was created by and will be run by the team at Sports Business Solutions. SBS is based in Phoenix, AZ and has been around since 2014. They provide professional Sales Training, Consulting, and Recruiting services to more than 75 sports teams and properties across the US and Canada. They have grown to five employees and together they have more than 35 years of sports business industry experience.

theClubhouse platform has something for everyone; a job board and dynamic educational blog for students and industry job seekers, a mentorship network for those looking to give back to the industry and those looking to learn from others, a live virtual webinar series which will allow members to watch discussions with industry professionals from the comfort of their own home, and moving into 19’ the plan is to host networking events, meetings, and conferences all over the country for theClubhouse members.

“In our world today, there is a huge appetite for on demand learning, virtual education, connectivity, and building relationships with like-minded people, especially in our industry” said Hamer. He went on to add “We believe this is the way of the future and we’re hoping theClubhouse will become a sports industry resource for everyone in the years to come”.


For more information about Sports Business Solutions, please visit http://www.sportsbusiness.solutions/ . To learn more about theClubhouse visit https://clubhouse.sportsbusiness.solutions/ Contact SBS or theClubhouse for any questions or media requests. They can be reached here: support@sportsbusiness.solutions