**Press Release** Introducing #SameHere Solutions

by bob hamer - president & founder of Sports business solutions
March 20, 2020

Sports Business Solutions joins forces with The #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement to tackle mental health in sports business.

PHOENIX, AZ – Mar. 20, 2020 – Sports Business Solutions, a full-service business consulting firm in sports, today announced a new collaboration with The #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement. 

Following moves that leagues like the NBA have made to offer resources to players, the two organizations have combined efforts to provide mental health resources and services to sports business professionals. The new initiative is called #SameHere Solutions, and its mission is to help individuals in sports to overcome their common mental health challenges, to succeed both in and out of the front office. Combined, the two organizations have a unique mixture of mental health advocacy experience, along with supreme sports industry knowledge.

The announcement of this new initiative was scheduled for later this spring. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the severity of the situation currently facing the sports industry, the decision was made to move up the launch date to begin helping sports business executives, immediately.

Same here solutions will feature personal mental health stories, blogs and educational webinars related to common challenges faced by sports business professionals. Also included will be a first of its kind, anonymous “Discussion Board,” where individuals can pose challenges they are facing, and community moderators can use this information to lead topical discussions and offer support. All of these helpful new resources can be found within SBS’ sports industry community content platform theClubhouse.

“Mental health has affected me personally, and this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” said Bob Hamer, President & Founder of Sports Business Solutions. “Having the ability to partner with The #SameHere Movement is perfect for us. The credibility they bring to this space and the positivity Eric Kussin has created around mental health is special. We’re excited to bring mental health resources to our sports business community.”

Eric Kussin, through his Non-Profit, We’re All A Little “Crazy” and the #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement has amassed hundreds of celebrities, influencers, practitioners, and organizations who have all joined his cause, aimed at normalizing the conversation around mental health, once and for all. After a successful career in sports business himself, his own lived mental health experience convinced him to dedicate his life to global mental health advocacy. “What Bob has built at Sports Business Solutions in a short time is impressive, and through theClubhouse he’s created an interactive community of professionals in sports all trying to improve,” said Kussin. He went on to add, “I believe, that given our relationship starting with our time together at the Phoenix Suns, and our connection to mental health, joining forces to help sports industry professionals through theClubhouse will dynamically change the way this industry approaches this topic. This will lead the way for other industries to follow suit.”

The #SameHere Solutions page is now live within theClubhouse sports business community and you can view it here: https://clubhouse.sportsbusiness.solutions/same-here.

Launched in 2014, Sports Business Solutions provides sales and leadership training, higher level strategic consulting, and recruiting services for sports teams and properties throughout North America. They have more than 140 current clients including 2/3 of the NBA, ½ of the NHL, and ½ of MLB. To learn more visit https://sportsbusiness.solutions/

Launched in late 2017, The #SameHere Movement partners with persons of influence throughout the world of sports & entertainment to communicate the message that mental health lives on a continuum, that we are all (“5 out of 5”) impacted to varying levels, and therefore this is a topic for everyone. To learn more about their programming visit https://sameheremovement.org/


For more information about Sports Business Solutions, please visit http://www.sportsbusiness.solutions/ or contact bob@sportsbusiness.solutionswith any questions or media requests.

For more information about The #SameHere Global Mental Health Movement, please visit http://www.sameheremovement.org/ or email contactus@weareallalittlecrazy.org with any questions or media requests.