Q&A with Jentry Mullins on his move to General Sports Worldwide

General Sports Worldwide has added Jentry Mullins as its new Senior Director, Executive Search and Team Consulting, where he will be responsible for recruiting top front office executive talent internationally, consulting with sports teams and leagues to improve their business operations and developing the firm’s rapidly growing sales and leadership training program.

In this Q-and-A, Jentry shares some insights on what led him to join the GSW team, as well as some thoughts on getting the most out of your team.

What do you hope to be able to bring to the GSW team?

Similar to my previous roles I believe bringing a relentless work ethic and a positive attitude never go out of style. With GSW specifically, putting my intellectual curiosity into overdrive with our team, as well as our partners. There is a tremendous opportunity for innovation in this space and am excited to be a small part of it.

How did your time working for various professional sports franchises prepare you for the role you’re in now?

First of all, I’ve been so blessed to work for some of the best sports business teams and leaders in our industry. Coming out of college with barely any insight and experience about our industry so any success or knowledge I have is a credit to those organizations. My philosophy is to be present in the room and coachable, and in turn it’s hard not to learn a ton. With each organization I’ve tried to take their strengths with me on my journey, and am excited to share that with so many others..

What’s one area organizations can improve upon when it comes to their business and sales approach?

Getting too comfortable with what they have always done. Sports business is a competitive industry, and many get stuck in their ways and think they don’t need to improve their operations or approach. Our business is too dynamic and ever-changing, so if you aren’t focused on improving your organization then you are regressing.

These are uncertain times, both on and off the field, so how can organizational leaders best keep their teams focused on success?

Over-communicating what a “winning” culture looks and feels like. Understanding and sticking to the main priority, and what needs to be done to achieve it? We talked about this extensively during my time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the team members appreciated the clarity.

One year from now, what do you want to look back on and have accomplished?

Hopefully a lot. What drew me to General Sports Worldwide was the blue ocean that we have at our fingertips, the entrepreneurial mindset of our organization, and the ability to work and learn from leaders like Andy Appleby, Lou DePaoli, and Travis Apple. There are so many goals we have to help our partners and to build up our vertical, and I look forward to putting in the work and investing in people to make this a really special first year with the organization.