Six Benefits of Moving Away from Your Home Mark

by Matt Ritchie, director of ticket sales at sporting kansas city
May 19, 2023

A month before college graduation, I had two offers to join Inside Sales Programs for professional sports teams; one was from my favorite team in my local market with family and friends close by.  The other offer was over 1,000 miles away in a market I had never been to, didn’t know anyone, and had no family nearby.   Admittedly, it was scary and a bit of a risk. 

Easy decision, right?  Not an easy decision but one that need to be made…I took the risk and accepted the offer over 1,000 miles away from home and joined an organization that developed me as a salesperson and leader, made new friends and found more hobbies, became more independent and started saving money.

Here are six benefits of moving away from your hometown or favorite team:

1.     Get out of your comfort zone!

So long comfort zone! Your family and friends are just a text away but moving away from your hometown can allow you to discover a sense of self and independence. Your schedule outside of work will be light at the start. It’s up to you to make new friends, grow your network, find things to do and fill up your new social schedule.

2.     Grow your network

Moving away from your hometown will allow (or force) you to create an extensive network. It’s time to get involved!

I’ve been a social director at my apartment complex, served on the board for an after-school program, been a member of a young professional networking club and volunteered at several non-profits meeting fantastic people that are still in my network today.  Many friends became clients and clients became friends. Grow your network and get involved in your community.

3.     Take a Risk

Many of the lessons we learn in work and life come from success or failure, but many time start with taking risk. Moving away from home is a risk as you lose being comfortable and familiar with your surroundings, but it has been exciting! The sports world has allowed me to take seven risks to relocate to seven different cities for full-time jobs or internships where I have learned many life lessons at each location and each decision started by taking a risk.

Sometimes, you have to move to a different city to pursue your dream. Your grit is your commitment to your short-term and long-term goals. Grit comes from your life experiences and your passion. Learn as much as you can and do what you love.

4.     You May Become More <fill in the blank>

This is something you’ll have to figure out yourself. You can become more confident, independent, adaptable, cultured, gain more trust in yourself or something else! When you’re in familiar territory you have less time and more commitments. Both are good! It’s time to get your schedule busy again and discover more about yourself.

5.     New City, New Perspective, New Weather!

It’s time to try new foods and explore! What is your new city known for? Are they known for the best deep-dish pizza, southern BBQ, oyster bars, chili bowls, cheesesteaks, crawfish boils or something you’ve never tried? You can’t be a tourist forever – go out and try it!

Check out the local museums, downtown attractions, historical sites, national parks, breweries/wineries and sports and entertainment venues.

6.     Leave a Legacy

Always strive to leave a legacy every place you go. This isn’t just for you but everyone that is exposed to the memories of you in the future. Leaving a legacy is all about the big picture but a legacy could be positive or negative. Leave a positive mark every place you go.


Go out and explore the benefits of moving away from your home market.  The journey is more important (and fun!) and you will meet fantastic people, thrive in each city and work at top notch companies. Go for it!