Sports industry advice for salespeople during COVID-19

For salespeople all around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is like nothing we've ever seen or had to deal with. Its been especially difficult for those in the sports, travel, entertainment and hospitality industries. The pandemic has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, caused massive anxiety and depression, and organizations have had to furlough, lay-off, and restructure their teams. The people and customers we're trying to sell are struggling and our teams and our organizations are struggling, too.

So today, we wanted to share some advice for sports salespeople that are out there trying to sell and generate revenue during this time. Our thoughts are with everyone dealing with this pandemic, and best of luck to all you sports and entertainment salespeople out there. Hope you find this to be helpful.

Chris Caudill – Manager, Ticket Sales at the Atlanta Falcons

Focus on the things you can control.

Currently, there are many things that we simply cannot control. So, instead of concerning yourself with the things that you cannot change, focus on those you can. An optimistic attitude, mindful approach, as well as positive energy & enthusiasm for the product or brand you represent are all things within your control.

“Adversity is opportunity in disguise”

Chris Weiner – Sr. Manager, Corporate Sales & Service at the Washington Nationals

There is no playbook for this current business environment.

It is up to us to navigate these uncharted waters together with our partners to develop innovative new programs and platforms that will address the immediate and long-term challenges we face regarding the future of hospitality and entertainment. Continue to nurture genuine relationships with current and prospective clients and most importantly, remain optimistic. I’m reminded of something Simon Sinek said recently, “Optimism is not a denial of the current state. It’s a belief that the future is bright.”

Dan Kaufmann – Director, Corporate Partnerships at the New York Jets

Keep learning new skills and Network, Network, and Network.

Network with colleagues on other teams within your league, Network with other colleagues in the sports industry, Network with people on your team in different departments and Network with people outside the industry. Challenge yourself to have five (5) networking meetings a week.

Bob Hamer – President & Founder of Sports Business Solutions

Empathize and lean into your customers.

Get to know them better, understand their business challenges and tap into how COVID-19 has affected their business. Do they have new initiatives, how are they engaging their employees, what are their new challenges? Don’t treat them the same way you always did, use this as not just an opportunity to build stronger relationships, but also seek out additional ways you can help them in the future when we come out of this thing.

Colby Zobell – Director, Ticket Sales & Service at the San Diego Seals

“Adversity is opportunity in disguise”.

We are all going through one of the most challenging times of our lives. Some people have lost loved ones, some have lost their livelihood or have had difficulty finding employment. Others have had to pivot from their normal way of life. Everyone has been impacted in one way or another.

Despite these difficulties, we have the ability to prove our resolve, to find better and more creative solutions, and to create new opportunities for ourselves that we otherwise might not have explored.

We can’t control the future (and no one has a crystal ball that will tell us how things will play out), but we can bet on ourselves and control our own actions and how we decide to make the most of this unique period.