Tips on how to work from home

by theClubhouse team
April 01, 2020

The nation has been rocked recently by the Coronavirus, with every professional sports league shutting its doors and just about all team members now working remotely. It is an unprecedented time, and we at theClubhouse will continue to try and provide assistance where we can. On 3/19/2020, Bob Hamer, Jason Stein and Mike Rudner from Sports Business Solutions played host to 400+ listeners as they talked about their experience and provided tips on working from home. If you’d like to listen to the entire webinar, we encourage you to watch here. Below is a summary of their conversation:

After providing some quick career background, Bob had the following advice for folks that are new to working from home:

  • Have a designated work-space that’s comfortable and has a good internet connection

  • -Treat the work day the same – set an alarm, shower, dress for success

  • -Build transitions in and out of work, clearly define work hours, schedule activities in your calendar

  • -Make sure you have an outlet to be social, but don’t start doing chores during your working period

  • -Stay connected to team members through different platforms like Slack, Google Hangouts, Zoom

  • -Make sure you get up and step away from the computer for a few minutes every 30 or 60 minutes

For folks with kids, Bob provided some tips:

  • -Work out a plan with your significant other

  • -Schedule time with kids separate from work

  • -Overly communicate with your kids when you’re working and not working

  • -Create rewards for your children - "If you're able to do this, then afterwards we'll do this"

Mike then went next and mentioned that everyone’s plan is going to work differently for them. 

 For instance, Mike prefers to dress comfortably vs. dressing up as if he’s going to an office. His universal tips were:

  • -Definitely have a separate not just work from your bed or couch all day

  • -Make sure you get out of the house/apartment for an hour during the middle of the day, whether it’s to grab lunch or go workout (if possible during social distancing)

  • -Don’t turn on the TV during the workday because it’s easily distracting

Jason followed after Mike and mentioned that he keeps his workday schedule the same as when he used to go into an office. 

He still gets up early before the workday to get the blood flowing by working out early and setting morning calls to get into a work rhythm. Jason agreed with Bob and Mike that a break during the day is important. Bob, Jason and Mike then passed along suggestions from the viewers and answered some questions that came in to wrap up the end of the webinar.

Again, if you'd like to watch the full webinar recording for free, you can do so here. Thanks for your support of our community, we look forward to seeing you back in theClubhouse soon!