What sports teams are doing right now

by theClubhouse team
March 18, 2020

Coronavirus Support for the Sports Industry

Our goal within theClubhouse is to bring content to the sports industry in an effort to help people be successful.

There is no question we’re living in unprecedented times right now. The #Coronavirus pandemic is spreading. It’s already caused sport and live game and event cancellations, teams have been forced to work from home, people have been laid off, the economy is WAY down. The reality is that no one knows how long this will last and what impact it will have on all of us in sports going forward.

That all said, we will continue to try and be your resource for sharing best practices, content, and other information in #sportsbiz to help you during these times.

As we’ve reached out to some teams in our network, we’re starting to hear more about what teams are doing right now. The most common request we’re getting from our network is they’d like to hear more about what other teams are doing. So, as we hear team “plans” we’ll be sure to pass them along to you. Our hope is that by sharing these ideas with each other, it’ll unite our industry and we’ll be able to band together to get through this difficult time. Please email us if you have any questions or ideas for content that can be helpful right now: clubhouse@sportsbusiness.solutions

Sports team COVID-19 plans right now:

Nashville Sounds – Taylor Fisher

-Each department has a daily Zoom conference call. There is always a quick huddle to get everyone on the same page, provide any updates and then we task people with things to do that day.

-There is a daily tracker that each rep must send at the end of the day.

-We started a Slack group chat for all of ticket sales so we can all be connected and can talk through different situations we run into and provide updates and guidance in real time.

Lehigh Valley Phantoms – Richard Lintker

-We’re continuing to keep things interactive with training. Every day there is a new initiative.

-Each sales rep texted out a video of themselves doing a sales introduction to a specific category of buyer based on what was drawn from a hat. Some had single game buyers, some had PTA leader, some had a new person moving to town, etc.

-We’re conducting salesforce guided tutorials. We also plan to do LinkedIN training, train around the sales process, cover group sales categories, etc.

Inter Miami CS – Jake Goodman

-Our reps are creating their own “hustle metrics” to see what they think is appropriate right now.

-We’re sending around 50 non-sales emails per day per rep to our accounts and prospects to keep people engaged with us and offering support to our customers where we can.

-Reps are reading books and sending around a recap once it’s completed.

-We’ve also had each rep make a list of three topics they would like to be trained on, and we’re setting up screen shares and virtual training exercises for them.

Other initiatives we’ve heard about:

-Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (New Jersey Devils + 76ers) – They are encouraging their team members to be active and work out in their homes, take a walk, be on their feet if possible. We even saw the hashtag #HBSEsweat out there.

Most teams (from a sales standpoint) aren’t making calls unless requested by their prospects and/or customers.

Other teams are beginning to look at 20-21 and treating now like the offseason. They’re just focused on reaching out for networking and relationship building calls, spending time on prospecting, building lists, etc.

We’re trying to get as many ideas as possible right now, if you read this, and you’re doing something similar and/or different, please email us at clubhouse@sportsbusiness.solutions

If you’re a sales rep, entry-mid level professional, involved in departments other than sales, we’d love to know what YOU are doing too. Please email us, thanks!

“Surrender ME to WE” We’ll get through this together.

-theClubhouse team