Director, Live Events

University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, IN, US

Communications Marketing

In addition to providing the highest level of personal and professional leadership to their team, Director, Live Events position will be responsible for leading, executing and oversight of game broadcasts, video board productions and other live Athletic events for the University of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Media Live Events team which includes:

  • In-venue video board shows for Football, Volleyball, Men’s & Women’s Basketball and Hockey
  • Live broadcasts for digital and linear game productions for NBC/Peacock, ESPN/ACCN and other miscellaneous entities
  • This role will serve as the primary contact with the ESPN/ACCN production department, and will be responsible for all communication and operations in the partnership
  • Serve as the primary contact with the NBC production department in regards to live event productions put on by the FIM (Hockey, Football Special Events)
  • Serve as the Primary Point of Contact with Notre Dame Studios for coordination on FIM’s live event efforts
  • Responsibilities include but not limited to the artistic and technical decision making needed for high quality live event production
  • Collaboration with multiple internal and/or external constituent groups with stakes in Notre Dame Athletics’ live event efforts

Also required is accountability to a staff of 5 direct reports in helping reach goals, empowering the staff to be creative and strategic risk-takers, professional development and advancement in cultivating leaders. This includes providing leadership, feedback and one-on-one meetings and check-ins. Oversight in the development of the student workforce, training, teaching and assisting in post-graduate career opportunities is another function of this role. Recruiting new talent with a keen eye on diversity and inclusion. Staying on top of technological advancements is an important facet of the position.

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