Coordinator, Partnership Activation Team

Concierge Live in Atlanta, GA, US

Ticket Services Corporate Partnerships


We are seeking entry-level Coordinators to join our Partnership Activation Team. Our coordinators are the backbone of the best-in-class customer support for which Concierge Live has become famous and are essential to the continuity of operations as well as our relationships with clients and stakeholders. Liaising with both customers and internal teammates on a day-to-day basis, Partnership Activation Team members are expected to learn important elements of the Concierge Live platform as well as become ticket management consultants, offering clients strategic advice predicated on best practices in our industry. Although candidates are not expected to have prior experience in either area, they are expected to be motivated and adept learners, deeply invested in our new employee training program. Candidates for this position must possess a focus and passion for customer service activities and, when necessary, be able to act as a quick-thinking, “behind the scenes” problem-solver.

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