Episode 49. How to Handle Times of Uncertainty with Jack Riggins

#SameHere Coronavirus support Mental Health

Right now there is a ton of uncertainty and unrest in our world. In sports there is a lot of it as well. When will there be games? Will there be fans? Will I still have a job? What will I be paid? If I'm furloughed, will I be coming back? If I am, when am I coming back? The thoughts alone can paralyze you and it's difficult to maintain your mental health if you're constantly worrying about things you can't control. In this session we were joined by Retired Navy Seal Jack Riggins and we had a great discussion. He provided some awesome insight from his days in training and combat missions about how they dealt with uncertainty and adversity. These tips can be applied to all of our lives right now. Originally recorded June 16, 2020.

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