Episode 58. How Artificial Intelligence is changing the future of sales

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It's no secret that Artificial Intelligence is here and it's here to stay. Companies are utilizing AI and Machine Learning to analyze data, make recommendations and even respond in real time to customers. Sales has always been a "human" job and I'm not sure salespeople will ever be replaced by machines, however, organizations are seeing massive value in utilizing this new tool to optimize sales team performance. For this webinar we've partnered with Conversica, who's leading the charge in AI technology within the sports industry. In this session we discuss how sales teams utilize the tech to achieve greater results and how that might affect the sales industry going forward. In addition to Charles Tannous and Derik Hettinger from Conversica, we're also joined by Jared Graff from the San Antonio Spurs. Originally recorded August 19, 2020.

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