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Episode 64. Paul Epstein: "Finding purpose as a leader"

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There are many great leaders out there and everyone has their own style. Part of what makes a great leader is being authentic. Everyone can roll out new tactics, campaigns and strategies but the very best have vision, belief and can create genuine buy-in with their team. To create that vision, you first need to start with identifying your purpose. Why do you want to be a leader? Where do you want to go? How can this role help you get there? Once you have that purpose, it'll fuel you every day. Your team will see it too and it'll be infectious through them and throughout your organization. On this webinar, we have a virtual chat with Paul Epstein. Paul is the former head of sales at the San Francisco 49ers and he's now the CEO and Founder of Purpose Labs. He's a renowned speaker, motivator and leader and is a champion of finding purpose on your journey to help you lead a more fulfilling life. Originally recorded November 5, 2020.

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