Episode 71. Mental Health in Sports Business

#SameHere Mental Health Managing Anxiety

Mental Health in sports, and in sports business, has been an emerging topic over the last couple of years. With each story told about someone who's struggling, it makes it easier for the next person to tell theirs. Our hope is the more stories we help tell, the more we can begin to remove the stigma around mental health and we can make it a more normalized conversation in sports business offices and communities around the world. Our speaker Lane Wakefield, who's the Director of the S3 Program (Strategy, Sales, Sponsorships) at Baylor University had some connectivity issues for the call but Bob Hamer and Eric Kussin shared their mental health stories and how it's impacted each of their sports business careers. Lane and the rest of the team was bummed we couldn't put it all together but we ended up having a great session and look forward to welcoming Lane back soon! Originally recorded February 15, 2021.

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