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Episode 75. Keys to success in Premium Sales w/Gould & Millman

Premium Sales Ticket Sales

For a long time, premium and high dollar hospitality sales have driven sports team and venue ticket revenues. The old adage is often true that 80% of your revenue comes from your top 20% of accounts. That's likely the case for most teams. Whether it's courtside, on the glass, or next to the dugout there's always a premium price tag associated with these hospitality options, and often times businesses and affluent individuals are willing to pay it. But, as cool as those experiences sound, these products are hard to sell because of the size of the investment, the length of the term, and the amount of decision makers involved in the process. We were excited to have two Premium Sales superstars join us for this webinar to discuss all of it. Jeff Gould from the San Diego Padres and Dan Millman from Madison Square Garden Entertainment have years of experience and are recognized as two people who sell and retain premium buyers REALLY well. On this one they share their Premium Sales secrets with all of you. Originally Recorded March 30, 2021.

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