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Episode 81. How sport sales has changed in the last year w/ Megan Geier

Ticket Sales B2B Sales

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the sports business will forever be changed. Regardless of the department you work in, the way you do your business now is different than the way you did it pre-COVID. The sport sales and sponsorship world has changed dramatically too. The game experience is different, the clients businesses are different, the way people buy and budget is different and the way we need to sell in this new environment needs to be different too! On this next webinar in theClubhouse, we're excited to welcome in Megan Geier who's a Ticket Sales Manager at Legends, working on the SoFi Stadium project. She's a strong seller and leader and alongside her teammates they've been able to have success during (and coming out of) this pandemic. We want her to tell her story and to share how they've done it. Good one here for current and aspiring ticket and sponsorship sellers in sports. Originally recorded June 17, 2021.

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