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Episode 83. Sports Business Career Chat w/ Jenn Skolochenko-Platt

#SportsBiz Career Chat Community Relations Career Coaching

We host a series of webinars in theClubhouse, and they're called "Career Chats". It's an opportunity for sports industry pros to talk about themselves and their line of work in an effort to educate you, our audience on how to succeed in this business. This session is exciting because we had a special guest join us to talk about Community Relations in Sports. It's one of the most popular jobs in all of sports and you'll hear from someone who's made it a career. Jennifer Skolochenko-Platt is the Executive Director at UMPS Care Charities. Umpires in MLB sometimes get a bad rap because of the calls they make during a game, but their job is incredible difficult and they're doing A TON of good work in communities everywhere. Jenn walks us through that org, and how she built a career in Community Relations. Originally recorded August 26, 2021.

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