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Episode 85: Defining Athlete Marketability w/ Scott Lewis

Marketing Sponsorship

Who are the most marketable athletes in the world? LeBron James? Ronaldo? Neymar? Megan Rapinoe? The answer may surprise you. Defining this metric is super important as brands look to develop strategic partnerships with athletes who can further their brand, and their message. Placing a value on an athlete's marketing value is a moving target and many firms and agencies have differing methodologies to doing it. Zoomph is a company who's made it their mission to measure and value the digital world. They have key partnerships with Wasserman, NASCAR, Team Liquid, the Los Angeles Rams and many others. They've developed a proprietary method to defining "Athlete Marketability" and on this webinar they walk you through it. Originally recored October 6th, 2021.

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