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Episode 50. The Value of the Secondary Market with Tickets for Less
Episode 49. How to Handle Times of Uncertainty with Jack Riggins
Episode 48. Managing a Team Remotely w/ Kyle Pottinger & Jessica O'Neill
Episode 47. Sports Business Career Chat with Bob Hamer
Episode 46. Handling COVID-19 Sales Objections with the SBS Team
Episode 45. Premium Sales w/ Jeremy Eisler, Evan Gilles & Ian Tasso
Episode 44. How to Deal With Loss
Episode 43. How to Have Virtual Sales Conversations with Zipwhip
Episode 42. Sports Business Career Chat with Bob Hamer
Episode 41. The Sales Rep Conversations During COVID-19
Episode 40. What's Happening in College Athletics During COVID-19
Episode 39. The Sports Business Q & A During COVID-19
Episode 38. College Students Navigating Sports Careers During COVID-19
Episode 37. Our Anxiety during COVID-19 and How to Overcome It
Episode 36. Corporate Partnerships Panel During COVID-19
Episode 35. Leading During a Crisis with Michele Kajiwara & Eric Clouse
Episode 34. Group Sales Strategy during COVID-19 with Spinzo
Episode 33. Engaging your customers during COVID-19
Episode 32. What sports teams are doing during COVID-19
Episode 31. Protecting Your Mental Heath During Unprecedented Times
Episode 30. How to work from home with the SBS Team
Episode 29. STH Retention w/ Michelle Price, Aaron Lampkin & Jim Popovich
Episode 28. Sports Marketing for Tomorrow with Evan Parker and Jesse Soloff
Episode 27. Building Financial Security in Sports Business with Sean Bafan