How to Get Promoted?

by Joey Meredith, Director of Ticket Sales at Tennessee Titans
June 05, 2023

There is nothing better than a well-deserved promotion. It’s validation of your skills, dedication and hard work that signifies a significant milestone in your career. But how does one get promoted? How can you distinguish yourself from others and position yourself for advancement? Here are some tips I recommend:

1.     Be Elite

Before ever approaching your supervisor regarding a promotion, ask yourself if you are consistently delivering high quality work. In sales, that might be finishing near the top of the sales board while being a great teammate. In the creative department, maybe that’s always completing projects on time and being nominated for awards. Either way you need to be one of the best.

2.     Show Initiative


If you want a promotion, be proactive. Show your supervisor and the leadership group at your organization that you’re prepared to handle the additional responsibilities. By demonstrating your willingness to go above and beyond, you showcase your readiness for next steps. For someone looking to go from a Sales Rep to Inside Sales Manager, this is volunteering to work career fairs or going to local sports management programs and speaking to classes. 


3.     Communicate With Your Supervisor


Effectively communicating with your supervisor is important. Make your intentions clear. This will demonstrate your ambition while allowing you to collect valuable feedback and advice.  Take advantage of your one-on-one meetings with your supervisor. Go into the meetings with questions. Seek out constructive criticism and constantly look for ways to improve. If regular meetings with your supervisor are not already in place, take the initiative to proactively schedule recurring meetings with them.


4.     Self-Improvement Outside of Work

While it’s important to take advantage of the professional development programs, training, or workshops offered by your organization, it’s just as important that you are learning/growing outside of your 9-5. What books are you reading? What podcasts are you listening to? Are you networking and conducting informational interviews with the industry’s best? While maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial, incorporating these practices can provide you with the competitive advantage needed to secure a promotion.

Use the above tips to position yourself for success. But remember, being promoted takes time. Be patient and stay committed.