What to do after your job or internship interview?

by BOBBY PHELPs: Manager of Suite Sales at Phoenix Suns
January 26, 2023

Follow up in business is a key element of being successful, especially in sales.  You want to ensure you are staying “top of mind” in order to secure the business.  The interview process works the same way; follow up is a crucial component to ensuring you land the job or internship.   Remember, the interviewer has a busy schedule between their other job duties and interviewing other candidates for the position you are interested in so you will want to make sure you are staying “top of mind” and making a great impression as well. 



Here are some ways to distinguish yourself from the competition as it relates to follow up:

-        Write a handwritten note to every person you interviewed with

o   Getting a handwritten piece of mail is rare and treasured

-        Recap the conversation in the note and reiterate your interest in the position

o   Make sure you mention something specific about the conversation

-        ‘Assume the sale’ and tell them you look forward to working together

-        Add everyone you interviewed with on LinkedIn

o   People move around often, and you never know how someone you interviewed with and made a positive impression on can help you in the future

-        If the process is going to take 2+ weeks, follow up with the hiring manager with touchpoints to stay top of mind

o   “Saw your LinkedIn post about volunteering at a local school yesterday – looking forward to joining a culture like yours!”


If you don’t get the job, be sure to follow the teams you are interested in joining on LinkedIn. Job posts are often posted on LinkedIn and you can be in the loop during the next hiring cycles. Ask the hiring manager for feedback on your interview to try and improve yourself before your next opportunity. A career in sports can be lengthy and getting started 6-18 months after you intended is not uncommon. Don’t give up hope, continue to better yourself, continue to network, and you will have another opportunity.